Rowena Kuo, Ink





With a heart for unpublished writers, Rowena considers each and every manuscript deposited into her acquisitions box a potential means of ministry. Regardless of the stage within which a particular piece presents itself, the author's voice resounds, unique in timbre and impact. Rowena's goal is to listen for that voice, fine-tune it, and then reverberate it to a world desperate to hear it. Although focusing on fiction, Rowena will also consider non-fiction submissions for LPC.

As a Development Executive for the 168 Write of Passage Short Screenplay Competition, Rowena discovered a passion for connecting writers and movie makers in a cooperative venture for faith-based film production. She is a screenwriter, producer, and director who recognizes the budget restraints of today’s film industry and is seeking individuals with talent, creativity, and innovation to build a professional community within which an artistic dream can become a successful reality. From concept to actuality, Rowena and LPC Media Group will partner with you to bring the story written on the page to life upon the screen.

With over 15 years of ministering to children, youth groups, young adults, and now women and family groups, Rowena advocates for writers to build God-centered support systems consisting of people, perseverance, practice, and most of all, prayer. When not editing, Rowena is a full-time wife and mom.

Editor, lecturer, screenwriter, author, production manger, public relations, RN

Development Executive Producer at Lighthouse Productions of the Carolinas Media Group

Editorial Director For Fiction at Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

Managing Editor for Brimstone Fiction